Our attorneys have dedicated their education and their careers to the practice of estate planning, probate administration, guardianships and litigation.

By focusing on these areas in law school, participating in prestigious clerkships in the area, and practicing in these areas from the beginning of their careers, our lawyers are experienced and prepared to assist you with any estate, probate or guardianship issue, no matter how simple or complex.  Learn more about our attorneys below:

Our estate, probate, guardianship and litigation attorneys value professional development, and they are actively involved in numerous professional organizations and serve in various leadership capacities in those groups, including:

A talented and experienced staff of law clerks supports our attorneys. Our clerks are exceptional law students, focused on careers in estate planning, probate, and guardianship and on track to become valuable associate attorneys in our firm. Our clerks possess diverse backgrounds, which add valuable perspective for our clients. They include an accountant, a former Medicaid lobbyist, and a former legislative aide to a U.S. Senator. When you work with us, our entire team works tirelessly to provide you with the service, attention, and advice you need.

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Latest News

F+B Sends Opposing Counsel Running in Contested Guardianship

— F+B’s client was opposed to having a guardianship for her son. As a result of F+B’s aggressive, knowledgeable representation, our client received a spectacular result because the case was cut very short, and she achieved the complete result that she sought.

Ford + Bergner Attorney Thomas Horton Wins 2 Trials

— In January and February 2016, F+B attorney Thomas Horton won back to back trial victories in two different cases that had the same issue.

F+B Wins Will Contest in Small East Texas Town

— Ford + Bergner LLP recently won a significant victory for a large client in a small town in East Texas.


By Don Ford