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Our attorneys have dedicated their education and their careers to the practice of estate planning, probate administration, guardianships and litigation.

By focusing on these areas in law school, participating in prestigious clerkships in the area, and practicing in these areas from the beginning of their careers, our lawyers are experienced and prepared to assist you with any estate, probate or guardianship issue, no matter how simple or complex.  Learn more about our attorneys below:

Don Ford.

Don D. Ford III

Managing Partner
Attorney Jonathan M. Jabcuga

Jonathan M. Jabcuga

Senior Associate
Matthew R. Baughman

Matthew R. Baughman

Senior Associate
700 Louisiana Street
48th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
T: 713-260-3926
F: 713-260-3903
901 Main Street
33rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75202
T: 214-389-0887
F: 214-389-0888
221 West 6th Street
Suite 1150
Austin, TX 78701
T: 713-260-3926
F: 713-260-3903