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Contesting Guardianship Decisions

A discussed elsewhere in this site, a guardianship is established to appoint someone to make medical and/or financial decisions for someone who lacks the capacity to make those decisions on their own.  This could exist when a minor child inherits property, or more frequently, a guardianship is necessary when an elderly adult is no longer able to care for themselves.  In too many cases, multiple people may desire to serve as the guardian for someone, and litigation arises between those people.

Guardianship litigation cases may bring clients in for a variety of reasons:  as a guardian, as an incapacitated ward or intended ward, or as someone watching out for the rights of the vulnerable person. Guardianship disputes often involve strong disagreements within families. In our firm’s 20 years of experience handling guardianship litigation, we have seen countless scenarios that each requires compassion toward the incapacitated person coupled with tough advocacy for the client looking to protect their interests.

Are you someone for whom others seek to establish a guardianship, and you object? Or are you an advocate for such a person? You may be a caring relative who believes a guardian has abused his or her powers. Ask for personalized advice from one of our experienced guardianship litigators.

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