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Trust Litigation May Be Necessary

Many people have heard about the concept of having a “trust,” but they often do not fully understand what a trust is.  In its most basic form, a trust is formed when one person gives cash or other property to another person (known as the “trustee”), and the trustee is entrusted to hold the money or property for the benefit of a third person or group of people (the “beneficiaries”).  In most cases, when someone creates a trust, they select a trustee whom they believe will carry out their wishes properly.  However, trust litigation arises when conflicts exist between the various parties involved in a trust.

Most commonly, trust litigation arises when there is a disagreement between the trustee and the beneficiaries, or when a trustee is alleged to have failed to properly manage the trust assets.  Likewise, trust litigation can arise when a trustee fails to properly terminate a trust and distribute the remaining assets.

If you are a trustee who needs counsel regarding your duties as trustee, or if you are a beneficiary of a trust who has questions regarding the actions of a trustee, the attorneys at Ford + Bergner LLP have represented countless clients in various trust litigation matters.

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