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About Our Team And Our Law Firm

Founded in 1999,Ford + Bergner LLP is a respected, experienced collection of legal professionals, who have a common goal of meeting our clients’ needs with the best results possible.  Our attorneys are divided into two groups – those who assist clients in uncontested matters and those who represent clients in litigation – offering every client the expertise of an attorney best-suited to their needs.  Our attorneys offer tailored solutions with full confidence that they will deliver value for those whom we serve across Texas from our offices in Houston, Dallas and Austin.

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Our Goal And Purpose: To Provide Innovative Legal Solutions

Issues related to estates, trusts, and guardianships touch virtually every family in one way or another.  For some, these issues merely arise when planning for the future or when addressing the death or incapacity of a loved one.  For others, these issues involve more gut-wrenching disputes among family members.  In either instance, we make it our business to anticipate the needs of our clients and proactively develop remedies that are both innovative and effective.  When litigation becomes necessary, our goal is to represent you aggressively. 

From start to finish of any legal matter, we listen first and counsel continuously. We strive to equip our clients with enough knowledge and the right insights to make the best decisions they can make for well-being today and security tomorrow. Peace of mind has no price, but a well-crafted estate plan is like money in the bank. Let us help you design and implement the legacy that your lifetime of hard work and careful use of resources merit. Be ready for any contingency with a well-rounded set of testamentary documents and a clear understanding of the powers of each one.

Then when the time comes to administer an estate in the family, do so with the fewest obstacles possible and look forward to the satisfaction of a job well done. Our probate and estate administration lawyers have guided countless families through the necessary processes. We are confident in our readiness to provide the direction you are looking for if you are an executor or have an interest in an estate.

For personalized guidance from one or more of our board-certified estate law attorneys, contact us at 713-352-0937 or through this website.


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