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Experienced, Dedicated Appellate Law Attorneys

In Texas law, if one party or another disagrees with the decision of a judge or jury after a trial, then they have the right to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeals. Ford + Bergner LLP has earned a strong reputation in the area of probate, trust, and guardianship appeals. In these cases, we often are seeking to convince the appellate court to uphold a decision from the trial court that was favorable to our client, and in other cases, we are attempting to convince the appellate court that the trial court committed an error when it ruled against our client.

Does Your Litigation Outcome Or Guardianship Determination Deserve A Fresh Review?

Sometimes, cases with questionable outcomes were heard in one of Texas’ 224 counties that lack probate courts. Some guardianship and probate litigation cases, especially in rural areas, may have been decided by judges who are not lawyers. Whatever the circumstances, our appellate attorneys may show that a judge misapplied or ignored the law in critical aspects in previous litigation that yielded an unfavorable outcome for our client.

We encourage individuals or referring lawyers to turn to our attorneys for appellate work to seek to overturn an unsatisfactory guardianship decision or probate litigation result. We can also defend you from a family member’s unsubstantiated claims. Our law firm has more than 20 years’ experience in estate and probate law matters. We have succeeded in overturning many flawed court decisions through skillful, complex appellate work.

Let’s Discuss Your Unfavorable Case Results

Our proven litigators and appellate lawyers are ready to evaluate your case. We will advise you on what it may take to appeal and work to get your outcome reversed if possible. To schedule a consultation with one of our appellate law attorneys at Ford + Bergner LLP, call 713-352-0937 or email us.